2022 National Conference

First Aid for the Classroom

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The positive climate of a school sets the foundation for learning and creativity. The best schools are places where students feel safe, supported, and encouraged. As educators, we are all responsible for fostering a positive climate, creating a place where students want to be, want to learn, and can thrive.

While student misbehavior can disrupt the positive climate and create a major barriers to learning, school staff have significant power to shape students’ behavior and motivation. Every adult in the school plays a role in creating the best environment for student learning. Safe & Civil Schools can help guide your staff so everyone can be a positive influence that your students will remember for the rest of their lives.

Scroll down to learn how Safe & Civil Schools can engage every adult in your school or district and help them build the skills they need to help each student meet their fullest  potential.

Safe & Civil Schools provides a comprehensive approach to building a MTSS system for behavior within your school system. This begins with creating strong universal supports at the schoolwide and classroom level to create a positive climate for learning . An integrated multi-tiered approach for behavior includes developing the systems, structures and interventions necessary to support individual students as needed.
Though Safe & Civil Schools programs can be applied at any tier and in any order the most impactful results are when you begin with the a foundation, strong universal schoolwide supports. 


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